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Reiki Can Heal Your Life

A bold statement, right?! I heard this profound message while taking a Reiki Master class with William Lee Rand, Founder, and CEO of The International Center for Reiki. And as I journey in life with Reiki as my guide, teacher, and healer, I know these words to be true. Reiki can indeed heal your life. And - the more I heal with Reiki and other healing arts, the more I realize just how much healing my daily life needs. With Reiki, I feel more nourished than I ever felt possible, more at peace, more truly connected to all people, all things. For the first time in my existence, I feel like I belong here, wherever here is.

And so, my friends, if you are in need of some healing, or if you just want to feel more nourished, more peaceful, and more connected, consider the powerful, yet gentle, healing touch of Reiki.

Tammy Hueter, Reiki Master Practitioner

(360) 797-3188

221 S Peabody St., Suite B, Port Angeles, WA 98362

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